About AGE6000

AGE6000 is a Hong Kong brand which advocates healthy lifestyle and produces natural and genuine camellia oil. We abide the product is pure using cold pressed technology to extract the oil under 60°C, refuse using any chemical and additive to produce a traditional yet healthy oil with effective results for cooking, medicinal, health, beauty, and many other purposes.

AGE6000 understand the miraculous effects of camellia seed, especially benefit to the health of pregnant women and babies.

To ensure the production of camellia oil is in absolute quality, we only produce extra virgin oil, extracting 500ml oil from 2.5kg camellia seed; engage professional team and consultants and use the state-of-the-art technology to refine the camellia oil. We do the business at all cost, in return for the appreciation of this natural gift from the nature, and bring changes in human healthy lifestyle.

AGE6000 is committed to spreading knowledge about the camellia plant, at the same time promoting sustainability development in the industry and throughout the supply chain. Our production base, Boyouth Ecological Technology Park has been built in China XingNing MuiZhou covering an area of 110mu, by way of contract farming to offer local farmers a more stable life, and help to drive the economic development in Meizhou.

AGE6000 bringing the blessing of ‘healthy long life’, the sky-blue brand logo express our respect to the world of nature.

AGE6000 Philosophy

Camellia oil is plant-based oil with long history and high nutrition value, even healthier than olive oil. We wish to bring camellia oil to Hong Kong, create a brand-new healthy diet cultural. We especially want to introduce camellia oil to pregnant women and mommies as natural tonic for body, to keep good health for themselves and the babies.

AGE6000 Promise

We promise AGE6000 camellia oil is produced by cold pressed technology, maintaining 100% essence of the camellia seed, refuse using any chemical or additive to produce pure camellia oil. To ensure the absolute quality of camellia oil, we promise to produce only extra virgin camellia oil even though 2.5kg camellia seed could only extract as little as 500ml oil. We promise every drop of camellia oil will provide healthy nutrient to our consumer.

AGE6000 Vision

We wish to promote the value of camellia seed – as food, external application, skin care and cleansing etc.; gradually nurture the camellia cultural in Hong Kong and let people learn about the diversified usage of camellia oil.

Series of AGE6000 Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Camellia Oil

Camellia oil is one of the unique edible plant-based oils in China which has stories and legends that stretch thousands of years over Chinese history; over 90% camellia oil selling worldwide is produced in China. Camellia oil is extracted from the camellia seed and is truely pure green edible oil. The camellia trees only grow between 18°18’ to 34°34’ north latitude, on the mountain that is 600m to 2,000m above sea level. Camellia fruits take in average 3 to 5 years to grow from seeding, and take 10 years and above to reach full fruit period. Thus, this precious camellia oil production volume is far lower than other vegetable oils.

AGE6000 extra virgin camellia oil is cold pressed from camellia seeds, containing fruity aroma and taste. Our camellia oil is free of erucic acid, cholesterol, aflatoxin and other additives. Camellia oil’s unsaturated fatty acid is over 90%, oleic acid reach 80%, linoleic acid around 7 to 13%; camellia oil also contains protein and rich in vitamins A, B, D and E etc. The linolenic acid found in camellia oil is essential to human body.

AGE6000 package design: international standard quality control, European recyclable glass bottle in promoting environmental protection. The oil bottle is made of glass used in the production of medicinal glass bottle. The bottle stopper is made with 21Cfr177.1210 silicone rubber that has passed the professional test.