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AGE6000 camellia oil is extracted from the wild camellia seed grown in Meizhou high mountain region; it is natural and pure, through five seasons` growth absorbing all natural essence, high nutrition value and is one of the best plant-based oils in the world!
AGE6000 is a creation high-end brand, explore the new value of traditional camellia oil, dedicated to share the idea of healthy oil and advocate the new healthy lifestyle.

The leading product ‘100% Extra Virgin Camellia Oil’ produced by advanced technique of low-temperature physical press and extract, abide the product ideal of ‘Remain honest, Extra Virgin, Preserving the original taste”, create the top cooking oil benchmarking in the world.

Invested and managed by the Hong Kong company, nicely packaged using western style design; the oil is rich in Omega 3-6-9, high proportion of unsaturated fatty acid and the monounsaturated oleic acid may comprise up to 80% of the fatty acids, being the top among most other cooking oils. With the function of cooking, beauty, health care and many other uses, this highly nutritious oil is especially suitable for pregnant and postpartum mommies.


AGE6000山茶油選自海拔千米以上五嶺山脈以南的梅州高山地區野生油茶籽,純天然無污染,歷經五季成熟,盡吸天地精華,營養價值極高 公認的世界上最好的四大木本油料之一! AGE6000是一個發掘傳統山茶油新價值的創新高端品牌,致力於向大眾分享健康用油理念、宣導健康生活新方式。 主打產品「100%一級初榨山茶油」,採用目前國際最先進的物理冷榨冷提工藝生產,恪守「初心、初榨、初味」的產品理念,打造世界頂尖的食用油標杆產品。香港集團公司投資管理、釆用歐美包裝設計、富含Omega 3-6-9營養成分,含不飽和脂肪酸高達90%以上,其中單元不飽和脂肪酸高達80%,位居所有食用油之首。食用、美容、保健功能俱全,尤其對孕婦及產後媽媽更極有滋補價值

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